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Small Retail Package for People Counter in Saudi Arabia | حزمة التجزئة الصغيرة لعداد الأشخاص في المملكة العربية السعودية

Small Retail Package

Accurate people counting technology using 3D Depth map determines customer visits with precision in any condition.

Large Retail Package for People Counter in Saudi Arabia | حزمة التجزئة الكبيرة لعداد الأشخاص في المملكة العربية السعودية

Large Retail Package

Analyzes customer engagement in-store to understand user behavior, identify popular and unpopular areas.

Shopping Mall Package for People Counter in Saudi Arabia | حزمة مراقبة الأشخاص في مركز التسوق في المملكة العربية السعودية

Shopping Mall Package

Utilising FootfallCam Centroid™, the facial features of customers can be recognised and analysed using the video stream from your existing CCTV system.

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We go beyond providing a product, offering a value proposition that set us apart. Our dedication in the bringing out the value of using the people counting in the business in past 10 years helped to gain the in-depth understanding in each industry unique needs. Our focus is on delivering a solid return on investment, ensuring the smooth deployment and scalability in support your business growth. We always strives to provide the best product, best price , best value, best customer experience and best support to your business.

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Affordable price - low maintenance services for people counting | سعر معقول - خدمات صيانة منخفضة لعد الأشخاص

Affordable price & Low Maintenance Cost

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and we offer affordable pricing plan allowing you to maximise your return on investment without compromising the quality

industrial standard reporting services for people counting | خدمات التقارير الصناعية القياسية لعد الأشخاص

Industrial Standard Reporting

We actively listen to the customer feedback in using the system and provide a set of reporting tools and analytics that align with industry best practices, empowering your business in planning and making the informed decision to enhance the operation efficiency.

local based support service for people counting | خدمة دعم محلية مخصصة لعد الأشخاص

Local-Based Support Services

We have a dedicated support team of 50x , prioritise customer satisfaction, system up times and availability, delivering a local-based support ensuring the prompt responses and effective troubleshooting.

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